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Located in Elberta Michigan, our distillery takes its name from the town’s old iron furnaces. Our name is a promise to do right by our community - here in Elberta and beyond.

So pick up a glass of Furnace Street Distillery’s liquor! Sip at home with the people you hold dear, or swing by our location in Elberta. We’ve got cold drinks, warm welcomes, and the best view on the block. Wherever you lift your glass, Furnace Street Distillery brings you a little closer to home.


Brian Paavola, Chris Short, and Joel Buzzell (1982)

At Furnace Street Distillery, we believe that home is worth celebrating. But home isn’t just a place - it’s a state of mind. We dedicate our drinks to old friends, deep roots, and everything that makes us feel like we belong.


Our story begins with three childhood friends and a dream: to give back to the place that raised us. We wanted to create a space and a line of drinks to bring people together, to celebrate old memories, and to forge new ones.

Frankfort Furnace Company (July 1870)

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